Welcome to Suzaku Martial Arts

We are a family run Wado Ryu Karate School but with us you can learn various other styles throughout your training and through our Association.

We do not operate a direct debit system; you just pay as you train and there is no charge for missing a session! We train 3 days a week at various times to give you as many chances to train as possible. Come along and have a go! Your first lesson is free, so you have nothng to lose.

Why Us?

Suzaku Martial Arts offers flexibility in your training by giving varied nights and times to suit almost everyone.

Our dedicated instructors keep training fun and interesting while keeping to the traditions of Martial Arts training. We have many years training experience between our instructors.

Although Wado Ryu Karate is our main style, we offer the opportunity to learn various styles and get other Instructors in to ensure you will always get the best training in whatever you do!


Suzaku Martial Arts is a proud member of the following organisations. For more information on any of the below please contact us.

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